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Non-Fiction Boxes - Secondhand/Used

Non-Fiction Boxes - Secondhand/Used

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You'll receive 20-40 books per box of randomly selected titles. We try to ensure no repeat titles in the same box (but you'll likely get some repeats if ordering larger quantities). In this lot of non-fiction titles, you'll typically find books on history, gardening, self-help, esoteric, religion, science, psychology, academic, cooking, music, biography, cars, fishing, trains, beauty, trivia, geography, travel and much more.

Please note: these boxes are random titles, not those in the photos, we are unable to customise the boxes for your requirements.

Check our feedback - customers are very happy with the selection they receive. 

Condition of the books is good, second hand but readable, similar to a good charity shop or used book shop selection. Some will even be like new / very good, while others are good but might have creases, folded page corners, inscriptions, small stains, etc. 

Perfect for wholesale, car boots, reading or reselling. Perfect for schools, libraries, social clubs, guest houses, camping sites, care homes, dentist waiting rooms, and a whole host of other hospitality, business, community and other uses. Also just great for reading on the beach or on a cosy dark evening. 

(Please note: these won't have individual online resale value, so don't buy if you intend to resell online)

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